RF2 in The Skinny

Edinburgh arts paper The Skinny reviews RF2 thus:

Norman Lamont – Romantic Fiction 2 EP

Written by Mark Webb

Monday, 26 March 2007

“I’ve never gone down on a submarine girl…”

No, not the Norman Lamont whose name was synonymous with Thatcher’s
government but a talented singer-songwriter from Edinburgh. Nicole and
Submarine Girl show he has a sense of humour, which undoubtedly goes
down well at his live performances, most evidently on the latter’s
chorus of “I’ve never gone down on a submarine girl.” Like Leonard
Cohen in recent years, he gets female singers to sing some of his
songs. His tunes are well produced, well performed and well written,
but lack the edge to immediately be considered contemporary, meaning
this is music probably best appreciated by a mature audience.

I cannot quibble with any of this, and appreciate the kind words. In true PR style I shall abstract the following from it for my press releases ‘… like Leonard Cohen’  🙂

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