Road works

A rehearsal tonight for the official launch of Roadblock, which will be at Secret CDs on the 5th of November. The band, consisting of Nelson, Mary and Ms Fi, are adopting a flexible policy toward instrument distribution, in which guitar, bass and percussion duties are being spread across the assembled personnel in a manner reminiscent of the Incredible String Band. The set will have to be sequenced carefully to minimise the passing of axes. But it serves necessity – one run through Anywhere But Here demonstrated that Lamont’s fondness for electric was better surrendered for the good of the song, while Nelson’s subtle touch on aforementioned electric encapsulated the spirit of the song perfectly. Hence he shall be wired and I not. For that song anyway.

Returning to the car, Nelson and I found it hemmed in by another parked vehicle, with no means of egress. The man in the chippie told us the only recourse was consistent honking of the horn. This was both embarrassing and no doubt troublesome to the neighbours, but after a few minutes the driver of the offending vehicle approached, having done a pizza delivery, and with a ‘Sorry mate’ was gone. Edinburgh – don’t you love it?

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