Samantha Cameron: my mindfulness cue is ‘handbag’

samanthaNot often you get a laugh out of mindfulness:

“So I go into the kitchen, Dave is slumped over his iPad, so far so normal then I notice it is not on & he is just like gazing at it in this weird way, I’m like do not worry, why not borrow Nancy’s, he’s like, look at this iPad, seriously, just sit down and really LOOK at it, touch it, feel the slight indentation where the charger goes, the raised lozenge of the on-off switch, the subtle resistance of its rubbery hinged cover? I’m like WTF have you taken now he’s like, excuse me I am consciously observing, I’m like fine, with you, are you sure it works properly on a mass-produced electronic device, FWIW my mindfulness teacher always brings in like, amazing orchids, or last autumn we consciously observed this incredible parsnip, or it maybe it was a carrot whatever Alexa said she had never felt so inspired by a root vegetable, not even kale, right afterwards she got the idea for her eyeliner packaging?”

It continues at the Guardian >>

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