Secret CD out

(delayed from yesterday due to difficulties getting online)

A good number of people turned out for Secret CDs last night, despite Guy Fawkes, Celtic vs Man Utd and Lenny Cohen in Glasgow. The morning’s news from the US seemed to have lightened everyone’s mood (the only headline I haven’t seen is Barack to the Future, but that’s not surprising really).  I’d like to thank anyone from last night’s audience reading this – I don’t think I’ve ever had such a warm reception from an audience in what I wryly refer to as my career, and I’m grateful.

A couple of friends remarked that they didn’t expect the Roadblock songs to work live. I think I stumbled on the tactic – play the slow songs very slow to make space, and play the fast songs much faster! Egypt set off at a fair lick, I’ll Be Back was no longer laid-back reggae but slightly frantic ska, and the impromptu Nicole charged off somewhere along Broughton St and is probably still running.

The gig may be recycled in various forms – I have a live recording, some of which is more than acceptable, and two friends were taking photos and videos. Expect edited highlights before long.

Nelson, Mary, Fi and I will be playing the same set in acoustic purity at the Listening Room on Sunday night (Blue Blazer, Spittal St, 8pm).

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