Secret CDs 6/1/10

Thoughts from last night:

-  Townhouse:  bass, mandolin and percussion is a great sonic ‘space’ for a voice. Having mandolin strumming rather than acoustic guitar makes space in the middle frequencies so the voice can come through; noticeable when they changed to guitar as rhythm instrument. Good band.


– Jill Hepburn:  looking forward to listening to the CD, but pondering her performance. Voice small and fragile to the point of disappearing, guitar barely stroked – how is it that she comes across so powerfully? At first I thought it was just the excellent lyrics, but no, she makes you listen to the lyrics. For all the fragility, there’s a steely kind of honesty there. A kind of ‘this is me, I’m not playing games, posing or trying to be anyone else’. Combine this with a sense of humour and warmth between the songs, and you’ve got a compelling communicator.


– my fumbling answers to the question from friends ‘So what are you doing musically?’.  One piece of advice popped into my mind from the ether ‘Get over thyself!’.  Hmmm.