Secret CDs launch gig

The Secret CDs gig went well; despite the grim weather and early start there was enough audience to cram the small venue. Nelson rang just before I left the house to offer his services on percussion, so with Mary on violin I had an almost-Innocents to back the Wolf songs. The PA failed just before we began, so it was an ‘unplugged’ performance, which my voice just managed to last out. Strange how even when you know the mic isn’t working you still tend to ‘address’ it out of habit. We were followed by BlueFlint, Deborah and Clare on banjos and close harmonies, backed by violin and cello. They’re better every time I see them; their songs have a lovely sparkle of humour. Then Simon Kempston played a set based on his new CD, some vigorous bluesy jamming, with Simon’s usually quiet voice projected to the back of the bar.

A possible 2008 development  for the Wright Brothers (fthe Artists Formerly Known as Normanello) was discussed, some CDs were bought and sold and  good night was had by all.

I nearly didn’t make the gig as, on the train back from a Glasgow meeting, I fell asleep on the train between Haymarket and Waverley, to be wakened by the ticket inspector minutes before the train turned round to go back to Glasgow!

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