Heaven Sent by Malcolm McLean

Heaven Sent by Malcolm McLean

Our new album sampler FREE with love!

  • four songs from In Another Life
  • in whatever quality format you want
  • each day you get an email with a link to a page  with ...
  • lyrics, guitar chords, stories, making-of videos - you'll get to know us all!
  • exclusive offers on other music

Why this way?

Front of In Another Life

As a music fan I always enjoyed inner sleeves, liner notes, interviews - anything that made a connection with the artist. With Spotify and the other streaming sites, we get the sounds, but not that knowledge, that human side. 

Maybe you're a bit like me. You enjoy the music more if you get an idea of where it came from.  I'm not some record company product doing album-tour-album-tour, just a guy who makes music and wants like-minded people to hear it. If you like it you might want to support me by buying one of my other albums or just emailing to say hello and tell me the kind of music you like. That's up to you.

For me it's all about that human connection. 

See You In Another Life has 

  • making-of-the-album videos, giving you an insight into the studio
  • notes on why we did this rather than that, so you get an idea of the creative process behind it
  • videos of the band, so you can meet them
  • the full lyrics and guitar chords so you can play the songs if you like
  • discounts on my other albums.

If you give this a try, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Norman Lamont

Norman Lamont

Here's what some subscribers have said already ...


I would like to thank you for letting me share this journey with you. It would take too long to explain why, however I know a lot of people who feel the same, people whom I have shared your "trip" through my talking about you.

Do it again! It's different, personal and people remember touching moments.



It's been fascinating getting a wee glimpse under the bonnet on your creative process. Inspiring stuff!

I really love your writing and it's really nice to see where the songs and stories come from.



I thought it was a great idea - getting an insight into the songs day by day and listening to them each day was brilliant. I really enjoyed receiving the emails - it also helped when I now listen to the CD. The songs mean more and I I’m looking forward to hearing more !!


What's so special?

It's a journey

This is what we miss when we just stream an album or download it from iTunes - the lyrics, the credits, and the stories behind the songs.

In See You In Another Life I'll share what inspired the songs, introducing you to artists or songs you may not know, as well as giving you the full lyrics and even guitar chords!

It's quality

Dennis at Skye Mastering, one of Britain's most experienced mastering engineers.

Different people want different types of music file - CD quality WAV  for serious listening, mp3s to put on your phone. Or you may just want to stream from the site. 

See You In Another Life gives you

  • MP3
  • CD-quality WAV
  • streaming

... professionally mastered by one of the UK's most experienced mastering engineers.

It gives you more

Norman with guitar at Orchy.

We want to make the most of the experience, for everyone.  

You'll have access to behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and four unreleased bonus tracks!


Lamont is a storyteller whose entertaining, tongue-in-cheek lyrics are delivered with self-assured laconic panache. These come beautifully packaged by his accomplished backing quartet and assorted guest musicians, as amply demonstrated on the lusciously lustrous Indo-Eastern Bamboo.

Nick Toczek

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