Self-putty grouted

Feeling a lot better about many things since Friday.

On a practical music level I’ve researched and understood some things about my equipment that should enhance the loop-based performances when I get back to doing them.

On a practical non-music level I started getting on with things that needed doing around the house, and relationships that needed nurturing, and the rewards are showing already.

On a musical level I’ve been trying to integrate some new ideas, some of which feel very forceful and exciting, but which may be too many to conduct simultaneously.

  • a new idea for a live project, which could take quite a bit of setting up but not a lot of maintenance once it’s established, but which could fulfil the aspirations of (a) providing uplifting, happy music and (b) paying for itself
  • a forthcoming musical collaboration project which will see me going into a rehearsal room with people I haven’t played with for many years or not at all, with no agenda, songs, live plans or direction. Just to see what comes out.
  • the solo  or solo/percussion stuff, which is a voyage of discovery for me
  • the promotion of the Wolf CD – I still feel it could achieve a lot more if it got to the right people, but I find it very hard not to move on always to the next thing – in this case the next CD (or the next 2-3 CDs which are roughly planned in my head)
  • the Innocents – which I’m not sure is a matter of trying to build something new in combination with the loop stuff, or a matter of maintaining a set that we can do well and at little notice to promote the Wolf CD, but not expecting it to do a lot of new stuff
  • the Houdini Box, which is a pleasure to do, but if it is successful will reach a ‘tipping point’ where the commitment will be more than I can honour. We’re not there yet, though so it’s not an immediate worry
  • the occasional outing with

Add this lot to a full-time job, a family, two nights martial arts, my duties for the OOTB website and the occasional need to just relax and reflect, and I can’t expect any of it to move fast. But I don’t feel inclined to drop any of this just yet. I remember the motto of the Three Mustaphas Three – ‘Forward in All Directions!’

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