Six songs for Ruby

My session for Ruby Tuesday Sessions this week, featuring three unrecorded songs, Only The Sea (solo version), Beggar of Love and You Just Want the Thrill.

Plus the most gormless-looking video thumbnail I’ve ever been part of.

How I’ve been doing this, in case you’re interested.

The last couple of times I’ve balanced an iPad on a printer on my desk, and hooked up a Zoom H3 battery-operated mic to it using a line-out to lightning adapter. This setup seems to work slightly better than others I’ve tried:

  • the same with an iPhone – Facebook Live just would not let me do it in landscape. It kept telling me, ORDERING me to rotate it. Portrait seems a bit full on and intense somehow.
  • using a really decent mic going through my audio interface, and a webcam and OBS streaming software. Great picture and sound but it always seemed to drop the connection before 2 minutes had elapsed. Consensus seems to be you need better bandwidth than I have here.

By the time I get it right the whole pandemic will be over and done with.

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