Sleeper supplies & lightning

Contents of courtesy bag in  sleeper:
Face cloth
Shoe polish
Shaving cream
Cotton buds

After a pleasant meeting with my manager, with mutual stroking of egos
and genuine respect, I got an afternoon train back. Somewhere just
across the border it came to a stop with an announcement that a
lightning strike had disabled the signals. Then, later, another stop
because the train in front had been asked to proceed very slowly
examining the track at a certain stretch. Then, another set of signals
disabled by lightning. Eventually arrived an hour late, about which I’d
probably have been annoyed had I not been four hours late with Friday’s
flight.  Thankfully, no more travelling till next week.

Now to get back to the Houdini Box video I was editing when I realised last night I was looking at the wrong clock and nearly missed the sleeper!

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