Snowed in

Bah! Had to cancel another BeanScene gig last night, this one in Stirling, because of the snow in Queensferry and the road to the motorway. We were about to set out when the snow started falling again and by now it was below freezing, so I didn’t want to risk it. Apparently Stirling was clear of snow, but it was getting to the motorway that concerned me. Apologies to Lyns’s mum and anyone else who was hoping to see us.

Lyns_singingLyns was at my place for a lift, so I got her to record some bass and backing vocals on Leaving for the next CD.

Ben23205Ben seems aggrieved that I haven’t updated his Gallery  for a while so he’s been falling asleep in some very outlandish and attention-grabbing poses. OK Ben, here’s one.

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