Songstories#4 Green Lights All The Way

This song came to me in the most predictable, prosaic way you could imagine – I was driving home from Edinburgh at night and, guess what, I got a green light at just about every junction. As I was driving I started stringing together ideas about a guy whose life just works. Kind of an antidote to most blues ‘I woke up this morning and my woman done left me and my dog done died and I believe I’ll brush my broom, whatever that means.’

I lazily cut out the second couplet of twelvebar blues, the bit that goes from A to D, and it seemed none the worse for that.

This was years ago and I’ve played it a few times with some friends who get together for charity concerts every couple of years. But every time I’ve tried to record it it just sounded lame. I was trying to sound like a guitar band, and it just sounded naff.

Yesterday I decided on a different tack, after listening to one of Robert Wyatt’s minimalist songs, and just put together some synth tracks using Alchemy. I liked the result and was able to confidently depart from the sound of the band version. I added an acoustic guitar towards the end just as a surprise.

Hope you like it.

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