Image of Zag tongue drum in snow

Speaking of Tongues

What have I been doing other than Turn?

Well, I’ve been doing some instrumental music, and the latest piece used the tongue drum that my wife gave me many years ago.

I’ve only recently started taking it seriously and trying to get better at playing it. In this video I’ll let you hear what it sounds like and what I’m doing to try and improve my skills.

The drum came from this site in France – . Tongue drums are quite easy to come by now, but they weren’t when I got this. It was made for me, after discussing different scales with the maker.

Here’s a new instrumental that features the tongue drum.

Stream to River

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Tongues”

  1. Very impressive Norman….love the sound of the tongue drum and Stream To River track…..that was a thoughtful present from your wife

  2. Norman, this is awesome! The video explaining the drum is interesting and informative for me. I’ve only seen one of those drums being played by a musician at a benefit we played at. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Love this track, Norman, and very aptly named.

    I got a tongue drum that a good friend had. He passed away last year.
    Although it doesn’t sound nearly as good as your one, it is very soothing to play.

  4. Very soothing almost hypnotising. Brings back the sound of the Schools Radio Calling signal just before each programme would commence. Also reminiscent of African drums/percussion. Lovely sounds Norman’

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