Sticking with it

Interesting couple of weeks, building on the curious notion of saying I’m going to do things and actually sticking with it.  It’s been mainly around committing some time to exercise, guitar practice and – a first for me – songwriting. The result is two songs that have been hanging around for years completed. I said in Facebook ‘shocked and appalled’ to which Tommy MacKay said ‘nice titles’. So maybe there’s an album title there. If this carries on I’ll have enough for one.

I’ve started rehearsals for several Festival gigs – backing Ms Fi, being a Wright Brother, doing the Norman Lamont thing with violinist Mary, and two WaveForms nights at St John’s Church.

Receiving mad reports from daughter Pest in Australia, skydives, sea dives and hostel dives.

Tonight, a farewell to Darren Thornberry, one of the heroes of the Edinburgh songwriting scene. A fortnight before his departure we concocted the idea of him singing a revamped Call Back Fall Back, so I’ve just done a rough backing track for him to sing to, probably in Colorado rather than here.

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