Stories My Killer Told Me

Let me tell you a story … my Edinburgh Festival Fringe show of 2013.

A set of narrative songs drawn from my albums, lovingly recreated by Mary Robbs (violin), James Whyte (bass, banjo, guitar) and John Lawrence (keyboards).

Dylan and Nicole share the stage with the heartbroken wanderer of the Forest Trail in Autumn, the immigrant who thinks The Desert Is Better, the happy recipient of the New Eyes, and the cheater of When I Went to Your House, to name but a few.  And some you may not know, like the blood-crazed competitors in the Portobello Slam.

Some artists I know  kindly agreed to create images for some of the songs. Here’s the first, by painter Willie Cameron, a Glaswegian living in London, for I Am Not the One for You.  More to follow!

I am not the one for you - original
This is ‘Some Kind of Unfinished Landscape’ by Tricia Thom, singer in my former bands Hungry Ghosts and Bespoke. It’s inspired by the song New Eyes.
Some Kind of Unfinished Landscape by Tricia Thom
And here A Forest Trail in Autumn by Jac Rundell. More about this here.
A Forest Trail in Autumn by Jac Rundell
The Ballad of Bob Dylan by Lynsey Hutchinson. More about this.
When I Went to Your House - Mab McMoragh
When I Went to Your House by Mab McMoragh, the American artist who created a video for Nicole set in Second Life. More on this here.

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