Here’s everywhere you can get my music, apart from this site.

Bandcamp and Sonstream

I’m starting with these. As we all know income to artists from streaming is laughable. These two site at least aim to provide artists with decent recompense so no apologies for putting them first.

Norman Lamont on Bandcamp

All my albums and a few extra tracks are available here.

Norman Lamont on Sonstream

Sonstream is a recent startup aiming to promote ‘ethical streaming’. There’s no advertising, no promotional playlists. You pay for streams, but the artists get paid, not the record companies who own the rights.

From an article about Sonstream:
But how does the Sonstream model differ from the big streamers? “Sonstream is unit-centric. It is “Pay-per-Play” streaming. No ads, No subscriptions, No algorithms. The service offer singles and album streams. Albums cost 10p to stream in their entirety (so the unit price is dependent on the number of tracks on the Album) where as singles come in three different tariffs, the most being 3.3p per stream, the cheapest being 1.5p per stream. By proxy of the model; unsigned music artists receive 2.5p for every pay of their tracks… “

Sonstream and Resonate: offering a more ethical alternative to Spotify

Spotify and the rest

Norman Lamont on Spotify

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent on Spotify

Norman Lamont on Apple Music

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent on Apple Music

Norman Lamont on Amazon Music
This seems to include a lot of instrumental music from one of the licensing sites I put these tracks on.

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