String Band

Yesterday was a day of blessings. Affection and gifts in the morning from family. A reprieve from the dentist, who decided root treatment wasn’t necessary after all. Plague had a job interview which seemed to go well. I managed some Javascript programming at work that I thought might have stumped me. I had a nice Mexican meal with an old friend before the Incredible String Band show, and came home to a lovely cinnamon cake baked by Pestilence.

The String Band experience was very pleasant, no more, no less. I didn’t feel the absence of Robin Williamson as keenly as last time I saw them. Mike Heron sang quietly for the most part, not risking much, but occasionally let rip the way I like his voice. He didn’t talk much, which is a shame, as I enjoy his turn of phrase (‘When I bludgeoned my way into the String Band at the beginning, from being in the audience watching Robin and Clive …" "We’re going to try a hippie drumming extravaganza now, which will probably exhaust us. Then we’ll have an intermission where we all lie down in a brightly-lit room …") It seemed to have a lot more spirit than the last time I saw them, and the mixed audience (about a third young people) witnessed the return of ‘a different instrument for every song’ from Fluff and Lawson, along with long tuning up periods. (Not as long as the old days – then they really tried to get them in tune; now they make a stab at it, and one of them starts the song while the rest catch up!). Clive Palmer didn’t do much – you might have thought it was Clive Dunn in a long-haired wig. At one point I swear he nodded off over his banjo. But there was a lovely moment after the show where he came out to pack away his stuff and some fans gathered by the stage begging him to sing ‘Empty Pocket Blues’; when he failed to oblige they sang it to him!

Set list (they dropped a couple because Fluff’s voice had gone):

  • Everything’s Fine Right Now
  • Medley: Air / You Get Brighter
  • Cousin Caterpillar
  • You Were Meant for Me (Clive solo)
  • Water Song (Fluff and Lawson)
  • Chinese White
  • Ducks on a Pond
  • Spirit Beautiful (great!)
  • <break>
  • Sleepers Awaken
  • Hedgehog Song
  • Painting Box (Mike and Fluff)
  • How Happy I Am (Mike and Clive)
  • You Know What You Could Be
  • Cellular Song
  • <encore>
  • The Old Golden Land (from Job’s Tears)

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  1. Glad to have been of service, well almost of service! I went to your site and had a look at your photos and general comments and enjoyed them a lot.

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