See You In Another Life!

See You In Another Life is a unique way to get the new album by Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent FREE - with much more!

Front of In Another Life

What people have said about See You In Another Life ...

I thought it was a great idea -  getting an insight into the songs day by day and listening to them each day was brilliant. I really enjoyed receiving the emails - it also helped when I now listen to the CD. The songs mean more and I I’m looking forward to hearing more !!

The songs are, of course, great; the stories behind them interesting and well-written; and your video of yourself speaking always engaging.

Well done with all this brilliance!

It's been nice to read of the experiences you've shared and how your writing processes work.

Good to see the lyrics - I'm a great mishearer of tunes!

I would like to thank you for letting me share this journey with you. It would take too long to explain why, however I know a lot of people who feel the same, people whom I have shared your "trip" through my talking about you.

Do it again! It's different, personal and people remember touching moments.

Front of In Another Life

Lovely stuff !

Enjoying your music very much .
I think Green Lights is my favourite so far.
Many thanks!

Totally with you here Norman, these emails have been really great.    It’s lovely to be able to listen to the album and know where the roots of each track comes from.  It’s also good to go back into the emails to use as an aide memoir,  which is what all your music and lyrics must be for you.

Thanks for doing these podcasty bits. I’ve enjoyed them.

It's been fascinating getting a wee glimpse under the bonnet on your creative process. Inspiring stuff!

I really love your writing and it's really nice to see where the songs and stories come from.

What's special about See You In Another Life?

It's a journey

suzy recording drums

This is what we miss when we just stream an album or download it from iTunes - the lyrics, the credits, and the stories behind the songs.

In See You In Another Life I'll share what inspired the songs, introducing you to artists or songs you may not know, as well as giving you the full lyrics and even guitar chords!

It's quality

dennis at skye mastering

Different people want different types of music file - CD quality WAV  for serious listening, mp3s to put on your phone. Or you may just want to stream from the site. The album's professionally mastered at Skye Mastering.

See You In Another Life lets you choose
  • MP3
  • CD-quality WAV
  • streaming

It gives you more

Norman with guitar at Orchy.

11 songs, 4 music videos, and 24 solid months of hard work by a dedicated team of brilliant collaborators...that's what went into this album.

We want to make the most of that experience, for everyone.  In See You In Another Life, you'll have access to behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and four unreleased bonus tracks!