Thanks for joining See You In Another Life!

Or as the singer puts it ...

Screen capture of first page from See You In Another Life
Example See You In Another Life page

What's going to happen now

First, you'll get an email asking you to confirm that you'll accept emails from Norman Lamont. You know, in case some malicious hacker decided to inflict Norman Lamont music on you. That's on its way to you now.  Just confirm that and you'll get started.

Then, you'll get the first of seven emails that make up See You In Another Life. Each email will have one link in it, to a secret page known only to the Esoteric Inner Circle of The Initiated. That page will have the stories, lyrics and, of course, your choice of streaming and download links to the songs themselves.

(You can see a sample below the video)

At the end of the seven emails you'll be cordially invited to receive more email updates from me. I hope you'll choose to continue but there's no need to.


What if I don't receive the email?

Depending on where you read your email, it might have ended up unloved and unwanted in your Spam or Promotions folder, or some folder like that.  There are two ways to show your email reader that you want to get these emails:

  1. if you find it in, for example, Promotions, move it to your Inbox
  2. add '' to your list of contacts

Either of those will mean the rest arrive in your Inbox.

This is called whitelisting.  For more, or how it might apply in Gmail, Yahoo etc ...

Before you go!

This might not be for you, but have a look. I've been producing albums since 2004.  Anywhere But Here is a compilation of the most popular songs with fans for my first ten years.

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Here's a taster ...