Our on-off jujutsu class is off again tonight. I’m going to hurt when I go back. Spent a little attention on my MySpace page tonight, just because it needed it.  At the back of my mind is a major revision of this site, but not yet. Had an enjoyable rehearsal with Lindsay Sugden for three … Read more


Rereading some articles on the Guitar Craft site I was struck by this (from  A Preface to Guitar Craft by Robert Fripp):

We learn to distinguish between wanting and wishing. We may wish to be a musician, but want to be a rock star. A common
fallacy is wanting fame in order to have time and money to play real

This has been a recurrent fantasy during my life. It still appears, but recognised as a fantasy, not as an aspiration. At my age a certain amount of realism can be recognised. He goes on:

This is a mistake: we play the music we wish to play whenever we play
the music we wish to play. Large commercial success brings greater
limitations to the musical life than it brings freedoms. Management,
agency, record company, fellow group members, road managers and large
numbers of genuinely adoring fans, all look to the musician to continue
to supply something that they want for themselves. This is a
considerable pressure. Any movement by the musician to move outside
this framework of demands will be met with apathy, suspicion and even

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The masters for Romantic Fiction 2 are here and it sounds good to me. Just need to get printing sorted and I’ll be ready to nudge the public with the elbow and with a subtle twitch of the chin try to draw their attention to it. (Marketing was never my strong point.)

Began Guitar Craft AAD (At A Distance) course. I won’t be saying much about it publicly but I’ve started some exercises and the first bars of three Bach pieces, the opening bars of one of which I can just about manage.

Pest had her first exam in her physiotherapy course and it seems to have gone well, her having spent most of the Christmas holiday learning the names and locations of bones, muscles and nerves. Madame and I had to ask her questions every day. There are many – way too many – muscles and bits of muscles all with their own ridiculous names. The body needs to be redesigned for the 21st Century. Dumb it down, I say.

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7-12/07/06 Vienna

Flew to Vienna via Manchester, Jodrell Bank conspicuous from the air. Vienna was surprisingly hot, hotter still when I found myself in a square somewhere looking for the bus stop I needed to get to the village where the Guitar Craft weekend was being held, and couldn’t find it. I’d missed it and had to find my way to a railway station and get a train to a nearby village, where one of the Crafties picked me up. This experience taught me that my German is poorer than I thought, and my navigation skills even poorer.

The weekend was in what seemed to be a retreat centre or hippy farm of some kind. It had been devastated by a flood two days before, when a nearby stream burst its banks, destroying the road in the process. The course organisers had spent the day assisting the staff to clear mud from the meeting rooms and bedrooms. By the time I got there, very late, there was nothing worse than a slight damp smell inside.

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28 March 2006

Received lots of guitar goodies today:a Jellifish plectrum, a strange little device like a metal brush that  can give you a chorus or 12-string effect, or a bowed effect, on an acoustic guitar.  A new set of metal fingerpicks, of a completely different design from normal ones, and on first impressions at least, much more … Read more