Barcelona memories and photos

Almost a week back from Barcelona and still catching up with the repercussions – partly things kicked up by the Guitar Craft course, and partly the repercussions of being away for almost two weeks just before Christmas. I had two and a half days as a tourist in Barcelona, my second visit. The weather was … Read more

Hold the space

Last night I took my turn to perform the compere role at the Listening Room. It was particularly noisy due to the happy celebration of a wedding. Whenever I have this role, the aspect I find most uncomfortable is the beginning of the evening, where you have to attempt to clear the back room of … Read more

Guitar Craft day 6

The group challenge over, I have a slight tension headache. Talking about applause and the need for approval, Fripp says he doesn’t look for approval or liking, just someone who’ll tell him honestly if a performance made it or sucked. At lunch, performed Flee As a Bird with Ben while Hernan mugged on the phone … Read more

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