Guitar Craft day 6

The group challenge over, I have a slight tension headache. Talking about applause and the need for approval, Fripp says he doesn’t look for approval or liking, just someone who’ll tell him honestly if a performance made it or sucked. At lunch, performed Flee As a Bird with Ben while Hernan mugged on the phone … Read more

Guitar Craft day 5

Most of the day is spent working towards the evening’s performance. Our trio (Trio el Reporter) ditches last night’s idea and brew up a short piece that’s about 80% improvised, which is Ben and Roberto’s preference. I play as little as possible but the little I do play seems to enhance the piece.

Discussions on stage management get quite fraught at times, but eventually a strategy emerges. It’s necessary because Guitar Craft audiences are notorious for sabotaging performances, in order to make the players ‘wake up’.

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Guitar Craft day 4

At the end of the day we got our ‘challenge’ – a performance tomorrow night by our group for the rest of the House. To entail composing, arranging and performing a piece for the large group, plus several sextets, quintets, quartets, duets and one solo, all drawn at random from the hat. Not just playing … Read more

Guitar Craft day 3

Most of the day in small groups practising circulating scales, or playing in 5 and 7. Some are trying to get us more into the Crafty ‘form’ – prescribed ways of running the circle; others are more casual. Tai Chi outside, pleasant spring weather. Ben and I are practising Flee As A Bird, a traditional … Read more