Guitar Craft day 5

Most of the day is spent working towards the evening’s performance. Our trio (Trio el Reporter) ditches last night’s idea and brew up a short piece that’s about 80% improvised, which is Ben and Roberto’s preference. I play as little as possible but the little I do play seems to enhance the piece.

Discussions on stage management get quite fraught at times, but eventually a strategy emerges. It’s necessary because Guitar Craft audiences are notorious for sabotaging performances, in order to make the players ‘wake up’.

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Guitar Craft day 4

At the end of the day we got our ‘challenge’ – a performance tomorrow night by our group for the rest of the House. To entail composing, arranging and performing a piece for the large group, plus several sextets, quintets, quartets, duets and one solo, all drawn at random from the hat. Not just playing … Read more

Guitar Craft day 3

Most of the day in small groups practising circulating scales, or playing in 5 and 7. Some are trying to get us more into the Crafty ‘form’ – prescribed ways of running the circle; others are more casual. Tai Chi outside, pleasant spring weather. Ben and I are practising Flee As A Bird, a traditional … Read more

Guitar Craft day 2

More circulation in 5, 7 and 11. Now restricted to the scale of C.  About a third of the group has difficulty knowing the notes of the scale on the Guitar Craft tuning. Some are inexperienced guitarists. We’re having to go at the speed of the slowest at times, so we are sent off to … Read more

Guitar Craft day 1

6.45 sitting, in darkness, 45m. After breakfast, Tai Chi, waiting for first guitar meeting. Someone in the next room practising the Beatles’ I Want You – sounds good. Guitar meeting – about 30 of us in a circle, Robert in the middle. Basic circulation, passing a note around the circle. Then counting 5, playing on … Read more


Our on-off jujutsu class is off again tonight. I’m going to hurt when I go back. Spent a little attention on my MySpace page tonight, just because it needed it.  At the back of my mind is a major revision of this site, but not yet. Had an enjoyable rehearsal with Lindsay Sugden for three … Read more

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