Songworks #3: Feast of Stephen by Mike Heron (and John Cale)

On the face of it, you couldn’t think of two bands more diametrically opposed than the Incredible String Band and the Velvet Underground. Yet in 1970 two of their number collaborated on an all-star album and, in particular, on one song: Feast of Stephen. Dramatis personae In 1970 Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band … Read more

John Cale – a beginner’s guide: 3 albums and 5 tracks

John Cale

There’s hardly a boulevard in modern music in which John Cale wouldn’t merit a star with his name. Classical viola player, avant-garde composer, Velvet Underground inspiration, producer of Patti Smith and Iggy Pop, solo artist – from songs to symphonies – the man who launched Cohen’s Hallelujah, and to this day an artist who refuses … Read more

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