A new song – If You Had Said

Strange – one minute I’m working on the OOTB site, then I pick up my guitar for a little relaxation. Looking through some lyics on the computer I find a set from May 2004 I don’t remember writing at all!

Before long I’ve got a sort of tune for it and I’ve just got to get it down before I forget it. Fortunately nobody is in. Quick recording, half improvised. And here it is in public, disfiguring marks and all. Just voice and guitar. In future I may layer stuff on it, but then people will probably say they preferred this version – so be it.  I hope you like it, it’s not my usual style.

If You Had Said

Download if_you_had_said.mp3

Lyrics below …

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Rhyme of the month & mobile phone revenge

I had to pass this on. I’m collecting some lyrics for the Out of the Bedroom site. Tommy MacKay sent me some for his song My Beautiful Ninja, which contain this wonderful rhyme (for which a Scottish accent is necessary to make ‘beer’ a two-syllable word): I was in the best of health Thirsting for … Read more

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