New Zealand Road Trip (2)

Before I continue with some stories and pictures from the South Island, here’s something I forgot about flying on New Zealand Air. On the video menu were a few short videos about driving in New Zealand – typically, stuff like driving on the left, giving way on one-lane bridges, allowing longer for your journey because … Read moreNew Zealand Road Trip (2)

15 October 2005 Wellington to Brisbane

Farewells to N and E and and a four-hour flight to Brisbane. Met by Madame’s aunt (actually only a couple of years older than her) Liz and her friend Marie. Sky overcast. They’ve had a heatwave that’s been pretty unbearable. Well, it’s over now, we thought, and it was. I have a quick drink at … Read more15 October 2005 Wellington to Brisbane

13 October 2005 Taupo to Rotorua

Long drive to Waitomo Caves, but what an experience when we get there! Down long staircases into the vault-like caves, then a boat through a pitch black chamber (steered by the guide standing and gently moving hand by hand along cables, to remove the need for light and to ensure silent movement) into a cathedral-high … Read more13 October 2005 Taupo to Rotorua

12 October 2005 Taupo / Rotorua

Before leaving Taupo Pest and I took a trip on the Huka Jet, a speedboat that spins around the river by the Huka Falls.  A real thrill, enhanced by the deadpan driver/pilot/skipper/whatever  ‘Somewhere about here, if you look down, you might just see some bits of the first Huka Jet.’ Then a drive to Rotorua, … Read more12 October 2005 Taupo / Rotorua