New Zealand Road Trip (2)

Before I continue with some stories and pictures from the South Island, here’s something I forgot about flying on New Zealand Air. On the video menu were a few short videos about driving in New Zealand – typically, stuff like driving on the left, giving way on one-lane bridges, allowing longer for your journey because … Read more

New Zealand road trip (1)

Map of New Zealand north island with route marked

I’m going to take a slight detour from the usual topics of this site to talk about my recent New Zealand and California trip. After all it was pretty much all I was thinking about for three weeks! If you just came here to read about obscure 1970s artists you’re welcome and there’s lots of … Read more

14 October 2005 Wellington

Last day in NZ. Back to Te Papa with Madame and Pestilence, then we went our separate ways in the shopping streets. I got a half hour internet time in a cafe, then eventually found the book I’d been searching for after a recommendation, The Years of Rice and Salt, an alternative history of the … Read more

13 October 2005 Taupo to Rotorua

Long drive to Waitomo Caves, but what an experience when we get there! Down long staircases into the vault-like caves, then a boat through a pitch black chamber (steered by the guide standing and gently moving hand by hand along cables, to remove the need for light and to ensure silent movement) into a cathedral-high … Read more

12 October 2005 Taupo / Rotorua

Before leaving Taupo Pest and I took a trip on the Huka Jet, a speedboat that spins around the river by the Huka Falls.  A real thrill, enhanced by the deadpan driver/pilot/skipper/whatever  ‘Somewhere about here, if you look down, you might just see some bits of the first Huka Jet.’ Then a drive to Rotorua, … Read more

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