My visit to the Forth Bridge

Last month I was fortunate to be invited on a tour of the Forth Bridge. After a short briefing by one of the engineers who works on the bridge ("Oh and I have to ask, is anyone afraid of heights?") I walked with a small group of other visitors to the foot of the North Queensferry cantilever.

(This photo is from

From there a shaky little winch lift took us to the top.


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Red Iron Brother

I've wanted for years to get this montage made. I tried it in Animoto but it didn't gel somehow, but a chance link today led me to OneTrueMedia, and an hour's work produced the video.  With no further ado:

The music was created for another film about Queensferry called Ferry Forth by two local artists. Some time later my wife gave me a collection of photos taken by the son of a work colleague. He had spent a day on the bridge, and the photos in their full quality are breathtaking. Unfortunately I can't find his name, but maybe if someone sees this and knows they can contact me and I can credit him properly. Meantime, thanks to Charlie Harris for giving them to me. There are enough left for another video.