Roadblock review

Sid Smith, webmeister of the King Crimson site and author of the King’s biography, has written a review of Roadblock on his excellent blog. I’m honoured. “…glorious moments creep up and dazzle you with their uncluttered brand of consummate balladry.” Cheers!

No longer roadblocked

Here’s hoping some of you can go to my gig on Sunday night  at the Village (South Fort St, off Ferry Road) (map). Starts 8:30. There’ll be someone else on, but I don’t know who. It’s run by Simon Kempston, who you should hear. I haven’t played a solo gig for about a year, and … Read more

Norman the cat and Roadblock

  This was given me by Tommy MacKay at what might be the  last Queensferry open mic, which seems to be a horse that don’t walk no more. Last night another track from my long-awaited (by me) next album suggested it was complete. So now we have: I Want to Know Come With Me Roadblock … Read more

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