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Thanks for subscribing to my email list. I promise you I won’t bombard you with stuff.  I assume you have some interest in what I do to have signed up, so I’ll send a few emails over the next few days introducing me and different aspects of my music. After that I’ll only contact you when I’ve something to tell you about, or draw attention to new posts that might interest you.

Stories My Killer Told Me

First of all, the EP!

You can download the songs in mp3 format here: (24Mb)

I’ll shortly be sending you a private link to stream it from my Bandcamp site.

Who else has signed up?

Earlier in 2016 I ran a survey of people who visit this site. Are you interested in the company you keep?

Most are interested in background stories about my songs and new non-album tracks. Their preferred places to find my music, apart from this site are my channels on YouTube and Soundcloud.

I asked for artists you liked for the same reason as you liked my stuff and got a swathe of names, some of whom I’d never heard of.  Dylan, Cohen, Fripp and Richard Thompson featured highly.

76% are male, 68% live in the UK and 90% are over 40.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the album and I’m delighted you’ve made a connection. If you’re ever at a gig come and say hello!