The Band with no … excuses!

Longtime readers of this blog will be familiar with The Band With No Name, and a hundred other epithets, which eventually became Bespoke. This is a band in which I play lead guitar and which has been rehearsing for three to four years and performing only once.  A possible gig earlier this year was cancelled at the last minute, but now I can announce, Bespoke are ready to bespeak!

Thursday 22nd October, the Voodoo Rooms.

This is a benefit concert for The Yard, and features Bespoke, The Stantons, Bellcappa, Killing Time and Look Left Again.

It's a ticket only gig, and half the tickets are gone, so if you'd like to come for sure, email me (link above) and let me know in the next day or two and I'll get one for you, which you can pick up at the door.  What do Bespoke sound like?  Like this (the first two are the current lineup of Bespoke, the second an earlier version long before I joined):


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