The Captain wants you

… at his bar, South College St, on Saturday night. Appropriately enough our guest this time is All At Sea, one of Mary’s other bands. (Although to them, no doubt, we are one of Mary’s other bands).  Anyway a cabaret of Whatever It Is We Do and we’d love to see you there.

This will be the acoustic Invisible Helpers. Rehearsals continue with the electric Invisible Helpers, in which Sam plays a drum kit instead of a tea chest, Jim has a big throbbing … electric bass, and we’re joined by Alasdair on the strange and bewildering Warr Guitar. While we haven’t approached the reverb-drenched swamps of Roadblock and its ilk yet, we have succeeded in injecting quite a groove into The Wolf and I’ve just been listening back to our first crack at Nicole, which is, well, like a furious and slightly weird Nicole! Once we know more than six songs we’ll be out there among you and you’ll be able to dance!

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