The Captain’s Bar Saturday 3rd November

I’m playing this lovely venue on Saturday with James Whyte and Sam Barber, and my guests Fiona Thom and John Farrell. So not quite the Invisible Helpers but the Invisible Outcast Helpers of the Lost Head Band.

Norman and Fiona

In other news, while I’ve been keeping a low profile due to work and other ‘stuff’, I’ve been writing like mad, and really enjoying it. I’ve a couple of new songs to play which I’m unusually proud of, and almost an album’s worth of recordings.

I was delighted to hear Jason Pillay’s version of my song Empty. It’s in Facebook so I don’t know how to share it here, but it’s very good. My own version will be out soon.

I was looking in a hopeless way at my back catalogue – the queue of finished songs I haven’t recorded. There are about twenty that I think are worth making public so beginning in November my plan is to complete one recording a month. By some people’s standards that’s very slow but for me it’s a sprint. If I keep writing at the rate I am, then the queue will have doubled in a year!

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