The Chase

I’ve put the song The Chase up on Reverbnation. This was always planned to be on Roadblock but in the end I pulled it, partly because I didn’t think the performance was strong enough, but partly because it didn’t sit well with the rest of the songs. It’s a story narrative in a mythical setting with lots of rather unpleasant violence. Not my usual style at all. Where did it come from? I really can’t remember. I wrote it many years ago, and I think it was one of those ones that just pour out like, er, bile.  This recording is as near as I’ll get though, with nice contributions from Nelson on percussion and Mary on violin.

Because it’s not really a Roadblock song I’ve made it a ‘fan exclusive’ – all you have to do is subscribe to my email list (on this page). I won’t bother you very often!

Also, February gigs on the Live page!

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