The Invisible Helpers (and Bespoke) (and, and …)

Three public outings (probably not the best word, I know):

1st December: Secret CDs at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

This will be the debut of my new electric band featuring Mary Robbs (violin), Sam Barber (drums), James ‘Trip Hazzard’ Whyte (bass/piano) and Alasdair Clarke (Warr guitar/bass).  (Don’t know what a Warr Guitar is?  Come and see.)  We’ll be doing pretty hard-hitting versions of some songs from The Wolf, Romantic Fiction and Roadblock, plus a new one or two.  There’s a great lineup of other acts including Fraser Drummond and Hannah O’Reilly’s new band Augustalia.


4th December: Charity Fundraiser at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, The Pleasance.

My friend and former producer Dave Watson is having a party with various bands including Bespoke. You can get in at the door for a donation of around £7.00 or contact me for a ticket.


19th December: Buskers Brunch at The Lot, Grassmarket

An acoustic afternoon at the Lot’s excellent cafe, where Fiona J Thom and I will play songs to pass the winter afternoon. Jingle Jingle.

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