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The new site and another Twilight song

As you can see my website has had a new lick of paint.

The previous design was from the colour palette of In Another Life, and I felt it was time to brighten it up and simplify it. Particularly, I had to simplify the Music section and the Shop, both of which were muddled and overwhelming. I hope it’s more engaging now.

I feel like the Twilight Show videos – quiet, intimate performances at my desk – are the best things I can create until we’re able to get together as a band again. There are a few other songs in the pipeline which won’t get this treatment but for now I hope you enjoy this very dark, spare version of Roadblock.

1 thought on “The new site and another Twilight song”

  1. Dark and spare indeed. Roadblocks were a common feature of life in Zambia, manned by teenagers with automatic weapons.
    Once when crossing the pedicle, a piece of Zaire that separates the Zambian Copperbelt from Northern Province, we were stopped and had our passports confiscated for speeding by some thuggish Zairean soldiers. We got them back after paying some money. We also gave them some biscuits. They were stationed far from the capital and were probably not paid.

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