A new song – The Right Thing

It’s been a while since I put out anything new, but the Heaven Sent have been playing new songs over the last six months. There’s Turn, She Wants Out and this one, The Right Thing.

Musically this goes back a fair way. The arrangement idea – one repeated note on the guitar plus a bassline – goes back to the final days of Hungry Ghosts in the 1990s when we used it for a cover version. I held on to the idea but didn’t have the song to apply it to until I wrote this last year. Although I’m never the best judge of what people will like I do think this is one of my better ones. If you want the lyrics, turn on captions on the video (the CC icon).

Mind you the one note start sometimes has audiences thinking we’re tuning up rather than starting a new song!

This song is on the shortlist for the next Heaven Sent album, alongside the ones I mention above and a remodelled version of a song from the Wolf album.

This was recorded by John Farrell at his first-Thursday-in-the-month night at the Village in Leith. It’s not the most polished performance but we’re just getting used to the song and developing it. Thanks to John for having us and for the footage.

We’re playing there again next Thursday, 2nd May. It’s a great night with some really classy performers, friendly and free! The Village, South Fort Street, Leith. If you’re in Edinburgh you’re very welcome!

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