The snagging list

After work, dinner and family commiserations, a list of the songs favoured for the album, together with the action points for each – the final things that need to be done to make them reach the standard ‘acceptable’ (at this stage in the project that’s my highest aspiration). They are:

  • Roadblock
  • Sword of Love
  • The Spell
  • I’ll Be Back
  • When I Came Home from Egypt
  • Dorothy’s Book
  • Come With Me
  • Best of the Blues
  • I Want to Know

The action point also said ‘listen to these two rejected songs and see if they’re still rejected.’:

  • The Chase
  • Other Things

They are. I would like to put them out, but with better performances in arrangements that make them sound good. So I’m already looking forward to the next project which will differ from this in that it’ll involve other players in major parts.

But Roadblock is coming, the cover art being worked on heroically by Andy MacFarlane.  The other week Andy took nearly 70 photos of Lamont in the hope of finding some that wouldn’t have a deterrent effect on the purchaser. Perhaps six of them resemble a fading wouldbe rockstar, perhaps with some charm due to favourable lighting conditions and lotsa Photoshop. The rest, just an old codger strolling around Queensferry trying to look profound with a bagful of hats.

Currently enjoying: Van Morrison stretching his vocal chords on Veedon Fleece; John Humphrys getting to grips with religion in In God We Doubt: Confessions of a Failed Atheist. Quote from an unusually blunt Anglican bishop (Temple I think): ‘If you talk to God, that’s prayer; if God talks to you that’s schizophrenia.’

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