The Twilight Show compendium

The Twilight Show series of videos started in 2020 as a version of the ‘tiny desk concert’ idea – a way to present an intimate, close-up version of a song with no fancy acting and no attempt to create excitement. This was, of course, during lockdown. The idea of tinting them blue and the ‘twilight’ title popped into my mind as soon as I’d done the first one, as the light was fading outside, and I had no light on in my room. As time went on I enjoyed the idea and kept thinking of more songs I could treat that way.

So here they all are – quiet, gentle and unassuming. There will be more.

The Wind Like Lace on Greenan Shore

Come With Me

She Said She Said


If I Could Be With You

Nothing, Through the Rain

Pretty Kerry

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Best of the Blues

Christmas on Earth

Not ‘branded’ as a Twilight Show, but the atmosphere is there.

Photo: © chayanity, 123RF Free Images

1 thought on “The Twilight Show compendium”

  1. finally i took time to really listen to you and your music.
    rainy day here, after a very warm night, and…………..
    I enjoyed it very much
    A man, a guitar, a nice voice and fine songs. Whay more do I need/want.
    Thank You very much !!
    PS who is that man in ‘blue’ world , looking a bit spooky ?

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