The view from March

A quick update on what seems to be transpiring in the musical world of this musical recluse:

The band, The Invisible Helpers, made its live debut last month at Bob Dylan tribute show.

We’ve recorded three songs for an EP, more as a demo to get live spots than as a contribution to the tapestry of Western art. The songs are The Desert Was Better, Crying in the Street, and Touched Again. They’re at the mixing stage and may be ready to be offered for a consumer frenzy at …

Secret CDs on Wednesday 23rd March (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh), our first ‘proper’ show, featuring some familiar and some new songs all with a fair bit of power behind them.  The band, by the way, consists of Mary Robbs on violin, Alastair Clarke on bass and Warr Guitar (if you don’t know what it is, and why should you, come along and see!), Jim ‘Tripp Hazard’ on piano and bass, and Sam Barber on drums.

I’ve had an unexpected break in my almost constant writer’s block (another clinical term for which is laziness, anotherlack of talent) and have been putting together some new songs from notebooks. Some of these will be airing at

The Listening Room Sunday 3rd April, which will be a solo acoustic show.  Probably.


Finally I’ve just had confirmation of three Waveforms sets at the Festival of Peace and Spirituality in St John’s Church, on August 10, 17 and 24. Unlike previous years these are 30-minute lunchtime sets at 12:30.  So if you like your Lamont droning to be guitar synth based rather than vocal, this is where you should be.

Meanwhile Bespoke, where King Crimson meets Dusty Springfield in Jamaica, continues to exist in theory, with plans for some recording starting in May and maybe – very maybe – a performance in April.

Finally my old co-conspirator Lynsey Hutchinson and I are planning to unleash a cover version on the world. I won’t give away its name, but if you know the two of us, it shouldn’t be that hard to guess.  It’s not ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.

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