The good guys?

Disturbing reports of US atrocities in Falluja, from independent reporters including Naomi Klein, including deliberate murder of non-combative families, the use of napalm-like substances and a strategy to take control of hospitals so that casualty numbers are not reported. We don’t hear any of this on our news – Falluja is ‘over’ as far as we’re concerned. Not for the people still living there. I thought we were supposed to be the good guys?

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  1. Forget the atrocities of ‘the Americans’ in Fallujah or anywhere else and look to the broader picture. I read many articles about thedecimation of the ecosystem of this fragile system we live upon, but specifically, I read an article in The Independent this week.. . Apparently, 2/3’s of the World’s surface (landmass) is non-regenerable should human population numbers remain at their current level, carrying on with their current activities (eating, shitting, BEING).. let alone expanding.. Every day.. we are buying things.. throwing things away.. flying in airplanes, driving cars, flushing toilets, washing our hands after wiping our bums in perfectly good water… we are committing atrocities of consumption of all of the resources that once were abundant on this beautiful planet every day and we are reaping the wild wind. Everything is dying, the weather is changing, but we all look good, still and yet.. driving to our new job and selling our CD’s.
    Forget the Americans, the Chinese, the Russians, the English, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews and the Scots – forget all the usual suspects and just use one word to describe all the trouble: HUMANITY is the perpetrator of atrocities against the world.. right now.

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