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Thursday after work went to a meeting of the Queensferry Arts Festival committee, then to  OOTB for the first time in a long time. Very impressive new PA – the old familiar tinny scratchy sound of OOTB gone forever.  Stayed for half the evening as I had to pick up Pestilence from the Festival Theatre where she had gone to see Dracula. I got a squashee spot and played Nicole, which went down well. I hope there’s an award for the greatest economy of chord changes in a song as I played it all on one chord. While it was good I could have done without the aftermath which was Nicole as a brainworm playing in my head for the next 24 hours. Some good performances too – I particularly enjoyed Fraser Drummond.

After work on Friday I went to Edinburgh to record the Decibelles for a
song on the next CD. It was interesting to watch how they work – very
supportive, almost sisterly, but always able to be critical where
needed. I don’t see men working that way, but then 90% of the people I
work with in music are female. Afterwards I got home in time to catch
the end of Ivor Cutler’s farewell performance (aged 81) on BBC4. It
had been preceded by a tribute documentary featuring Paul McCartney,
Robert Wyatt and Billy Connolly among others, which Madame had kindly
taped for me, so I sat with a glass of whisky and watched the two
programmes start to finish. Realised how prone I am to hero-worship as
I felt myself welling up with love for this trembling old man with
flowers in his cap hunched over an ancient harmonium. There’s a
difference between people I like and respect (like Bob Dylan) and
people I really admire, which borders on love – can you really love
someone you’ve never met and don’t know in person? It’s well known that
meeting them can show they have feet of clay, but for the record here’s
who I admire:

  • Ivor Cutler
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Robin Williamson
  • John Crook (Zen teacher)
  • David Bowie (borderline)
  • Brian Eno
  • Robert Fripp
  • Billy Connolly

… as opposed to just like/respect:

  • Bob Dylan
  • Mike Heron
  • Nelson Mandela
  • all the Beatles
  • Paul Simon
  • Bruce Springsteen (he approaches the top column)
  • Yusuf Islam
  • Joni Mitchell.

There are probably more in each column but that’s all I can think of now.

Today, stuff and administration, car insurance, blah, you don’t want to know. My only satisfaction the tick in a to-do box.

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