Tommy MacKay – BWAG

Tommy MacKay, the man with more brass neck than a spaceship full of Cybermen, reports this in his newsletter:

Got my first Scotsman review (Note for overseas subscribers – The Scotsman is a comic for discerning and not so cerning adults). They called me, and I quote, ‘a bloke with a guitar.’ A concise and insightful encapsulation of my oeuvre, I thought, and proof that imaginative journalism is not dead. Anyway, it gave me a whole bit of new material which I’ve now cunningly worked into the act which went down a storm at Linsay’s last night. If you want to see how I’ve done this then check the Reckless front page for my next shows.

So, thank you Kate Copstick (for it was she) for that. Actually, I saw her yesterday in the Pleasance Courtyard. I said to her, ‘Hi, I’m the bloke with the guitar. Aren’t you the woman with the face?’

Tommy’s performing in the heats for Scottish Comedian of the Year at the Stag’s Head in Queensferry next Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Tommy MacKay – BWAG”

  1. The Stag rocks. Surely a contender for pub of the year after last night’s utterly superb open Mic. Ron(y) needs a recordong contract.
    I love him.
    What a lovely, lovely voice. And those songs. Bloodybrillmatey.

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