Thursday the 13th

Slow start, alarm at 6.30 but didn’t drag the corpse from the bed till 7.30. Sat for breakfast on the floor, back against the warm radiator, which is another guaranteed way to avoid doing anything active. In fact I became engrossed in Brian Eno’s A Year With Swollen Appendices, which is a not uncommon occurence. … Read more

Snake Oil and physics

Interesting programme last night by Derren Brown , exploring the willingness of spiritual/New Age/alien-abductionist/evangelicals in the US to accept Brown (under assumed identities) as a possessor of spiritual abilities, which of course fit with their particular school. To his credit Brown did not mock them, although by demonstrating mediumship, laying on of hands and remote viewing … Read more

Uncle Adolf

Watched a good play last night on ITV, Uncle Adolf , starring Ken Stott as Hitler, telling the tragic story  of Hitler’s obession with his young neice Geli. It portrayed not only Hitler but many of those around him, names we think of in stereotypes, as rounded, living characters.  Ken Stott shows Hitler’s charm and … Read more