3/10/10 New York City

  Our last day. After packing and checking out, Madame and Pest returned to Macy’s, while I took up Stan’s invitation to his flat, just off Central Park. We had coffee and enjoyed a good chat about many topics, including the odd  rock star anecdote  which I won’t blog in public, but which could probably … Read more

2/10/10 New York City

Madame decided to stay in Secaucus to pick up presents for people at home and get some solo time. Pest and I got to the Rockefeller Centre before the queues built up. The sun blessed us and we got long clear views of the city at its most beautiful. After a bit of street wandering … Read more

30/9/10 New York City

A long, late, hassle-filled journey to the Metropolitan Museum (no change, ticket machine not working, slow bus etc). Well worth it. We had a coffee in the excellent cafe then split up for a couple of hours. I started in Japanese Art, then through Renaissance Italy and Holland, to Egyptian. Madame surprised herself by admiring … Read more

29/9/10 NYC

Again the forecasts got it wrong and it was a hot, sunny day. We took the uptown loop of the Gray Line tour round Central Park and Harlem. Another superb guide, Raphaella.  Harlem looked good – broad boulevards and the famous rows of brownstones with stoops (stairs between street and door). Raphaella also pointed out … Read more

28/9/10 NYC

The forecast was for thunderstorms, so Madame and Pest elected to visit an outlet mall in New Jersey. Fortunately the mall had a bus service direct to NYC so, after a good coffee, I left them and headed to the city alone, which was quite exciting. I left the Port Authority (bus station) and strode … Read more

27/9/10 New York City

‘New York, just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers and ever’thang’ (Stevie Wonder, Living for the City) My wife has many virtues. She also has the unfortunate power to cause rain where there has previously been sunshine. Used for the good of humanity this could be a great gift, but on holidays it’s maddening (New Zealand, … Read more