Listening again and again to the Beatles Love.  I thought it would be good but not that good. As others have said it makes songs you’ve grown up with and examined to death sound fresh and vibrant. The ‘mashing’ of bits of one song into another is done with care and, in most cases, restraint. … Read more27/12/06

18/12/06 Cookin’

The fabby musicians recipe book Cookin is now out! Remember it’s for a good cause with 100% of the ¬£10.00 cover price going to the charity "Special Needs Information Point" www.snipinfo.org If you would like to get copies please see the web page:http://www.cookin.org.uk/getacopy.htm


Time to pass in the BA lounge before my flight home. Work-wise, a successful trip, also socially, enjoying time with old friend Adrian. London scruffy, modern, squalid and vibrant all at once. I enjoyed it this time. Went with Adrian to an excellent film A Very Long Engagement, a French film by the director of … Read moreLondon

Snake Oil and physics

Interesting programme last night by Derren Brown¬†, exploring the willingness of spiritual/New Age/alien-abductionist/evangelicals in the US to accept Brown (under assumed identities) as a possessor of spiritual abilities, which of course fit with their particular school. To his credit Brown did not mock them, although by demonstrating mediumship, laying on of hands and remote viewing … Read moreSnake Oil and physics