Targeted spiritual advertising

I’ve been using Gmail for a couple of months now and really like it. One thing that bugs me a little, though, is the little ads that appear down the side. They seem to scan your correspondence for key words and then throw ads at you. For example, I’ve just been in correspondence over a … Read more

Having fun with arithmetic

I’ve always struggled with numbers. In fact I’m slightly ‘number blind’ – give me a page to read that contains text and numbers and I’ll be able to tell you what it’s about, but won’t have ‘seen’ any of the actual numbers. Statistical arguments are lost on me. I once had an interview with IBM … Read more

Evelyn Glennie on TED

From the excellent site TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) watch a superb talk by Evelyn Glennie on music, sound, listening and how to hold a drumstick:

Time and space

Time exists in order that everything doesn’t happen all at once . . . and space exists so that it doesn’t all happen to you. — Susan Sontag  At the Same Time Thanks to Such Stuff for this quote!

Organised religion

One of the issues raised by Zen teacher John Crook in the current newsletter of the Western Chan Fellowship is that of public and private spirituality. Is it enough to have a personal practice, and trust it will change you, reducing the unhelpful parts of your personality and strengthening the helpful ones? Or do we need to create social structures – be it anything from a local meditation group to a monastery – for purposes of mutual learning, mutual challenge, mutual correction?

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