COB – Moyshe McStiff & the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart

Sleeve of Moyshe McStiff album

In 1972 Clive Palmer, who had left the Incredible String Band in 1967 because he wasn’t taken with their enthusiasm for world mythology, weirdness and ethnic instruments, released a classic of album of mythology, weirdness and ethnic instruments under the unforgettable title of Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart. Clive Palmer … Read more

Dr Strangely Strange – psychedelic lounge band

Dr Strangely Strange were an Irish psychedelic folk band between 1968 and 1971. They were friends of, and appealed to fans of, the Incredible String Band. But they approached their songs with more of a laugh. Let me introduce the Doctor … “The psychedelic lounge band with whom I made four albums” Tim Goulding Nice … Read more

Slapp Happy – Powerful Stuff

Slapp Happy in 1973 by David Larcher

Slapp Happy, and their songwriters Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore, have produced some of the strangest pop music of the recent decades, with high philosophical overtones yet all instantly accessible. Playful? In 1974 I was reading a music paper, probably the NME, and came across a review of an album by someone called Slapp Happy. … Read more

How to play Frippertronics (1)

What’s Frippertronics? Robert Fripp’s typically mock-academic definition of Frippertronics is the musical experience resulting at the interstice of Robert Fripp and a small, mobile and appropriate level of technology…. The origin of Frippertronics The origin of Frippertronics is well documented. Brian Eno introduced Fripp to the recycling delay effect of playing into a set of … Read more

Robin Williamson – the explorer bard

Robin Williamson playing harp

In a recent video I covered Robin Williamson’s Zoo Blues. In case anyone came away with the idea that Williamson just wrote funny skits, here’s a bit more about the man behind the Incredible String Band. Where did that come from? Robin Williamson seemed to burst fully-formed onto the Edinburgh folk scene in the early … Read more