Robin Williamson – the explorer bard

Robin Williamson playing harp

In a recent video I covered Robin Williamson’s Zoo Blues. In case anyone came away with the idea that Williamson just wrote funny skits, here’s a bit more about the man behind the Incredible String Band. Where did that come from? Robin Williamson seemed to burst fully-formed onto the Edinburgh folk scene in the early … Read more

Cat Stevens – European folk-rock

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam

I read an news story in the Guardian in 1979 showing a blurred photo of a bearded man and veiled woman. The article declared that not only had Cat Stevens become a Muslim, changed his name and got married, but that he’d left music altogether and given away all his instruments. A few months later … Read more

John Martyn – the wounded giant

John Martyn

This is part of a series of posts about the musicians who’ve inspired me. Today it’s about the wounded giant that was John Martyn. You know John? One summer when I was at Glasgow University, I worked lunchtimes in Glasgow’s first vegetarian restaurant, Gemini, on Sauchiehall Street. Sometimes after my stint I would stay and … Read more

Off the beaten track with Tyrannosaurus Rex and The Incredible String Band

Cover of Unicorn by Tyrannosaurus Rex

My tastes in music as a teenager were pretty conventional … Until … Continuing my life in music … Before I got my first guitar, I’d drifted away from rock towards listening to classical and film music. As a young teenager rediscovering pop music via my guitar, at first I followed fairly conventional bands: I … Read more

The Incredible String Band connection

I Remember It All from Before

One of the oddities I’ve discovered about this site is that the biggest reason people come here is nothing to do with me! This post about an obscure Mike Heron album from 1970 just happens to be linked from Mike Heron’s Wikipedia page, and a huge amount of my traffic (no that’s not a lot!) … Read more