Played an enjoyable gig with the G last night at the Listening Room. So many good, uplifting songs and he smiles and communicates with the audience. The antithesis of the gloomy introverted singer-songwriter. I didn’t play as well as I had at rehearsals, largely due to a misguided decision to trust my eyes (following scribbled … Read more

Full Moon Awards

The Full Moon Club, in a spirit that was not entirely serious, gave out awards last night for 2004, including ‘Biggest Band Slut’ (Fritz), ‘Best Performer with any number of strings’ (William Mysterious) and ‘Best Import’ (Electra). With due gravity and humility I accepted the award for ‘Most Shouted For Song’ (for Dylan of course). … Read more

A look back at my 2004

The obligatory look back at the year. I haven’t been keeping such a good paper diary this year so I don’t have the details I normally have to look back at, but  at  a quick reckoning I guess I’ve played more music to more people in more ways this year than in any other. The … Read more

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