Laid low by lurgy

Whether this is just a sudden heavy cold or flu it’s wiped out a couple of days. Even Madame, who’s known for her indestructibility has gone to the unprecedented length of taking a day off work. I’m on my second day off and we just lie around drifing in and out  of sleep. Breathing is … Read moreLaid low by lurgy

Left Bank Saturday

The Innocents (featuring the Decibelles and Pete Rowan) will be on at about 8pm tomorrow night at the Tsunami fundraiser at the Left Bank, Guthrie St.  The Decibelles will have their own set at about 4.30 or 5 and Lynsey’s band, the Houdini Box at about 10.

Celtic Connected

Last night’s Celtic Connections Open Stage set was one of the best. The trip didn’t start auspiciously when we missed the sound check due to two train cancellations. We ended up standing all the way from Edinburgh to Glasgow; as the train crawled into Queen Street the driver announced in funereal and almost tragic tones over the intercom ‘We are now arriving at Glasgow Queen Street. This is ….. the last ………….. and ……… final ………….. stop…….!’   When we got on stage the sound crew were very attentive and despite misgivings (and Mary losing her voice!) the set went like a dream. It’s such a luxury to be on a big stage, with crystal clear monitors, and well over a hundred seated, appreciative, friendly audients. 

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