Here’s a different way for me to do things: decide to record it, record it acoustic, first take and get it on the site same night!

I’ve been invited to play a short set of Bruce Springsteen songs at Boss tribute night – more details when I have them – and made a plan to do a duet with another singer on Club Soul City, a song Springsteen wrote for a Gary US Bonds album, and a favourite of mine. He didn’t have it, and I couldn’t find the old cassette of the album that I had, and I had the house to myself for a few hours, so … the results are in the Radio Blog jukebox on the right. Not often I record just with acoustic and not even a click track, but it was great fun.

As for the rest of the tracks on the Jukebox:

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Tommy MacKay – how does he do it? From conception to mp3 download in a matter of seconds, AND he gets copyright clearance from the Stranglers in that time. The man’s a national treasure. Or a national site of historical interest. Or a national disgrace. Or something.

16/1/07 Rosie Bell: Early Warning

Received Rosie Bell’s CD today – excellent stuff. I played on three of the songs last year but it was long enough ago for them to sound fresh to my ears today. It’s nice to hear someone I know live up to her potential and put out a really good CD. I hope lots of … Read more


After a smooth and successful day at work I’d intended to go to OOTB and get back into playing, but my help was needed at home, so it was after 9 by the time I got there. Nice to catch up with old friends, and saw spots by Emily Scott and Peter Michael Rowan. Emily … Read more

20/12/06 christmas songs

Christmas reflections:Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody (or is that Evrybodee?) – what a miserable tune. I wonder if the secret of its longevity is the tension between its party-time lyrics and the melancholy plod of a melody and chord sequence? Perhaps if it had been one thing or the other it would have ended up like … Read more